Genuine Leather

Genuine leather products are like fine wine, it gets better over time. There is no other material that compares to leather. It has strength, durability and resilience, while also managed to be supple and bend to one’s need. Furthermore, genuine leather provides a look of elegance.

About Vegetable-tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning is a traditional artisanal craft process that uses natural tannins obtained from different parts of plants including woods, barks, fruits, fruit pods and leaves. It is a time-consuming process that happen slowly in wooden drums that turn raw animal hides into leather. Vegetable tanning is the most classical and environmental-friendly tanning method that is able to give leather unique characteristics and the product a natural and organic look. It develops a patina, which makes every product unique and has its own life. Overtime, the vegetable-tanned leather gets richer and warmer in color, a softer touch and beautiful texture with traces of living. Only vegetable-tanned leather will patina with time.